Thursday, 7 October 2010

Research linked more to the idea of a vulture human hybrid

These two graphic images of angels grabbed my attention because of the wing designs looked similar to a vulture's disordered feathers. obvisouly my idea has to include more vulture features mixing with the entire body but I liked the simplicity and basic quality the idea could have.

 This is another graphic image of a bird man hybrid, I like the meancing appearance of the bird features but also the like the fleshed out muscle tones of the arms, legs and torso taken from a human. The use of hair looks effective with this idea as is similar to feathers. There are no wings on this design which surprisingly doesn't change the perception that this idea is spliced with a bird.

This is Angel from X-men and this idea again approaches the simple, basic transformation, although the wings appear to have come from a magistic bird such as an eagle.

 Harpies from greek mythology, I felt are a big inspiration as they really capture the bird man hybrid design I hope to give in my ideas. I esspecially like the above image of concepts from the video game God of War as the head ideas already have the shrieking appearance of a vulture and captured the aggressive nature of this bird. The image below has a  more distinctive style of including the hybrid features from both subjects which is closely linked to what the project brief is asking of me.

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