Thursday, 28 October 2010

Research from internet

These images are just concept artworks. I like the image below and how rocks could look like a form we are familiar with in this case dragons, it gives the formations an alternative meaning as a description of the space of the valley space. This could make my concepts more interesting because the viewer can look for the hidden meaning within them.

A concept for the game Mirror's Edge, a typical city but because the perspective view is different when playing this game you can see higher view points. You can also interact with the environment in this game so it is not also about looking but how you can use it to reach other buildings.

More artwork concepts, cave and valley environments they may be useful for my environments as the srtuctures are good, look architectural. The idea of a civilization beneath the Earth.

Concepts from original Star Wars movie, reflects how many enviroments have been used such as barren wastelands to forests describe the climate and culture of the population that lives there.

The cave from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, I like the use of lighting to describe how dark the space is and how only the focal point is seen clearly in the image.

Concepts from Tomb Raider UnderWorld, famous for it's ancient aztec architecture in amongst open areas such as the jungle and the sea. There is a lot of detail and subtle lighting techniques that make these images effective.

War of the Worlds concept, I chose this because the characters scale suggest they are bigger than the environment, they over power it. The fire relates back to the volcanic theme of the concepts I am hoping to create, although this is more of a fire storm than lava so will refer to other images.

I used the given websites in the brief and found some of my own to find these interesting concepts, I selected the images I felt were more powerful and visually strong.

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