Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Art of Lord of the Rings The Two Towers

This is an early pencil sketch of the black gate at the Entrance of Mordor, I felt the idea of designing different sections on different pieces of paper and then bringing it all together at the end is a good designing technique and I could approach my concepts in this way.

These are concepts of the dead Marshes and Fangoon Forest. The enchanting space is what drew me in, I like that elements of the environments are hidden at first so there is more behind the image. I will need to think about this in my concepts because I could reveal part of what the space/environment but also include that hidden layer.

This a cave environment I found in the book, I like the look of the rock formation and structure. The use of staglatites makes the space feel more closed in and the character's are constricted with the height of the environment. These formations could be useful for my own cave and cliff environments described in the extracts.

These are concepts of Isengard and has a lot of ideas for structure inside the tower with the ridged layers of stone. The pit is more effective because it creates the impression that it is never ending below the world's surface. The small wooden bridges and platforms describe how fragile and dangerious this environment is. It is the basic idea of how I want the volcanic cave concept to look that it plunges deep within the earth, never ending.

These Concepts of Rivendale are more calm and peaceful in comparison to the isengard concepts. The space is naturally including trees and waterfalls. The architecture has an old gothic feel similar to a cathedral. The research came from a book from the library called 'The Art of Lord of the Rings The Two Towers', I chose this film because silmilar to the project brief, this is has also been based on an original book, so there was a design team trying to envision J.R.Tolken's original ideas for the fantasy creatures and environments described in the book.

This would be a good source to talk about in my essay because the director and designers went through a similar process of looking at an original book source and then adapting these ideas into a film making them more current and suited to the present audience. There are also a lot of scenes and characters used within the design and pre production of the film so I could talk about the views and the journey they took to make these elements realistic within the genre and the idea of the original book.

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