Friday, 19 November 2010

Artist /illustrator influence

 I focused on Dali's landscapes for their dream - like quality of interesting use of color and unusual forms. In Journey to the center to the earth the spaces are considered fantasy because it is a hidden world with the most impossible structures and objects. I really like the compositions and intend to use this placement of ideas to build up my spaces for this dynamic feel.

 I found images by concept illustrators because of how the world fades in the distance or the use of one focal point surrounded by organic objects. The images are influencing how to build the compositions for the cinematic quality.

 JMW Turner looks a lot at light and action brush strokes that create mood as the visual concept, I want to look at this color progression because tells the viewer a lot more about the space. For example in these paintings we can see how aggressive the sea and weather patterns are depicting how the terrain would be unstable for the people journeying across it.

 John Constable's strong use of color brings the dramatic compositions to life. Even with the realistic approach there is a sense of movement with his brush strokes depicting the direction of light. I also want to show the impact of light in the small dark spaces.

 More use of strong bold colors and light, I particular like the image below because of it's success of using different shades of color to show the impact of the light.

I chose this concept because of the silhoutte in the foreground and how the composition becomes clearer as you look further back which might be a good technique to develop my ideas further.

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