Friday, 19 November 2010

Experimenting with photoshop 4

I decided to look at one of my strongest thumbnails that concentrate on the light and color values within the space. I tried to change my approach and made the space feel very surreal and expressionism because of some of the work I looked at for inspiration. Dali's and Turner's work in particular look very dramatic and like a film environment. I like the hint of blue light because I added this subtly and made this space much more exciting instead of all the brown and dark colors I added previously. I need to improve the detail of the mushrooms and composition layout but feel that I am starting to discover my style.

1 comment:

  1. I very much like the blue light used here, Adam, but you're absolutely right, now, you need to go back into that image and really finesse it in terms of detail; obviously this is a WIP, but really consider how those shrooms meet the ground (they would have grown THROUGH that surface, so there would be 'exit wound' detailing, with the ground pushed up and cracked etc. around the base of it) - also, consider the shadows - with that strong blue light, the ground would be striped with shadow - but also, Adam - remember the ratio you've been asked to work at 16:9

    You'll need to re-frame and extend out from this composition - use it as an opportunity!

    (I don't think the cave exit/entrance is working - your piece needs a focal point - but this isn't it - not yet anyway - it's a 'dead space'),