Friday, 5 November 2010

Essay possibilities for films

I am finding it hard to pick one idea to analyse in my essay so a picked a selection of films that I have seen many times and that I think how fantastastic environments and characters, through their production of ideas that have drawn inspiration from real - life or books, comics and other films.

Lord of the Rings has a lot of production designing in the range of unusal characters and spectular environments so as I mentioned in my earlier research this would be an interesting film to analysis.

Pirates of the Carribean have a lot of lighting effects especially use of the moon light in the first film to reveal the living skeleton creatures. There is also different environment and ship concepts, this film was based on a ride at Disney land Paris so I could also look at the inspiration that pushed the production to come to life on screen.

The recent Star Trek keeping within the boundaries of the original series with updated sets, effects. This is actually a prequel movie that explains how the characters meet and the starship 'Enterprise was formed' so I could look at how the ships, stories and environments were used as inspiration.

Star Wars has a ranged option of planet environments and characters in each of the six episodes so there is a lot to look at in just one of these movies. There will be a lot about how the sets formed together through out production because there was a lot of early ideas that weren't used and it would be interesting to see how they developed.

Transformers is typical furturistic machine characters and sets, looking into the characters will be even more interesting because the designers had to work out how they transformed back into the original transport. The Tomb of the Primes in the second film is a great cave space made of the bodies of the old machines.

I robot is also machines set in the future but takes a lot of inspiration from real life in the environment spaces using what we know is there but also adding futuristic archtecture to show that it is a different time zone and how technology has advanced. The robots have a creepy human apperance as they have faces and makes people wonder what if we ever get to this development stage in the future.

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