Friday, 5 November 2010

Essay possibilities for games

I also have been thinking about a selection of games with amazing concepts that were inspired by events in history or films that originally were based on the themes. I think looking at the production of a game would be more interesting because I like the interactivety of controlling and telling the character what to do.

God of War have characters and environments that feel like they came from a movie because they are dramatic and due to the storylines that keep the players intrigued right up to the finale. I constantly re - play these games because of how well structured plot and the inspired greek mythology theme.

Killzone 2 is set on another planet with an alien race known as the Helgast, the design of the characters is a bit cliche because it is a similar idea to Darth Vader expect with guns. The environments are different though because they feel manufactured and industrial so it would be good to look at the inspiration points.

The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess is a completely different example because this is a Wii game, the only one I have ever got addicted to, to make me want to keep playing. The style is much more basic to suit the younger audience but I like this naviety because it fits with the cartoon theme of the game.

Star Wars Force Unleashed based on the films but a new chapter in the saga between episode 3 and 4. Uses some of the environments and characters from the other films but also intorduces new concepts and ideas within the storyline. I like how the whole environment can respond to the powers of the force, so how objects can be manipulated to progress further and would be good to look how all these ideas were designed.

Tomb Raider UnderWorld is a typical game in the series that supports the storyline of a myth/legend and Lara Croft journeys to different locations all over the world to discover lost civillizations and artifacts. I like the depth of detail in the environments because they help understand the space and atmosphere the characters are in.

Uncharted Drake's Fortune is based on the legend of Eldarado and is similar to Tomb Raider with it's enviroments and treasure hunt/ curse theme. This game is filled with crumbling ruins, caves and jungles and a range of lighting effects to accomodiate these spaces. The location above of a German U - boat in the middle of the amazon with the waterfall behind is unusual and random but I like how this feature sticks out and creates new ideas for this setting.

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