Friday, 5 November 2010

Essay Questions

Even though I am not entirely sure of the research topic that I will be focussing on in the essay, I have began thinking about the types of questions that will form the argument in my essay they include:

What was the process of production on ... ?

How have the concept artists used the original ideas to create ... as a new idea?

How has the concept improved within each installment of the series of ... ?

What is the connection between ... and real life examples that inspired the themes?

How did the ideas for characters/ environments develop over the course of the production period in ... ?

1 comment:

  1. Okay - but try answering this one - 'What is/are the visual concept(s) driving the production design of... ?

    If you check out the resource from The Guardian posted on myUCA in Space/Unit Materials, you'll get some further insight into the role of the production designer and the many visual aspects encompassed by 'production design'.

    My best advice re. the essay is to choose a film/game about which much has been written - i.e. something influential; obviously, The Cabinet of Caligari is sensible choice because a) the production design is so significant, and b) so many people have had something to say on the subject. Whatever you do, don't choose something that lacks this substance, otherwise you run the risk of writing very generally without the opportunity for using reliable and reputable evidence...