Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Essay Template

I made a through template as this was recommended by Tracey in the tutorial I had last week.

-Enquiry question essay is exploring
-What essay is focussing on
-examples of what enquiry is based on
-research methods referred to and why
-brief order of points raised

Paragraph 1 (Designer's Influence)
-Introduce that designers need to look at original source
-Themes of story and love of language and nature
-Story and script (M&M) page 232
-Frodo Franchaise page 90
-developed for film based on original source

Paragraph 2 (Sketch and Design concepts)
-Introduce from 'Stages of Work' M&M
-Explain further from 'Creating a Unified design' M&M
-Visting real locations to gain inspiration and historical culture
-Pencil sketches for Edoras
-Page 73 quote inspiration from farm house
-Example of completed scene
-Edoras section on special features

Paragraph 3 (Minatures and Models)
-Page 100 M&M to intorduce
-Tree Beard and Gollum from sculpture to digital CG model animation
-Motion capture - Gollum mentioned in special features
-Animatronic - Tree Beard mentioned in special features
-Peter Jackson (director) quote on euthasium and excitment of technology that created Gollum

Paragraph 4 (Costume Sketches)
-M&M page 97 - clothing fitting period of the film to give the right feel
-Theoden costume ideas
-Gandalf costume ideas
-Both characters begin looking weak and deafeated but suddenly transform which is obvious in costume - symbolises higher rank and power
-Pg 91 Frodo Franchaise

Paragraph 5 (Colour Studies/ Matte paintings)
-Introduction to mattes M&M
-Helms Depp
-Dead Marshes
-Clever use of colour to describe emotion and scale of the space and tone of scene

Paragraph 6 (Light Techniques)
-Intro M&M
-Fangorn in Art of two towers - colours reflected within environment
-Fellowship in Peril - examples
-Light quote from Lesnie - technique

-Avoid introducing anything new
-Highlight keypoints from MB
-Emphasis and form judgement
-Response to question

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