Thursday, 2 December 2010

Bernard Faucon

I looked at Bernard Faucon because of the strong themes that he incoporates into his photography, they are powerful and dark because they address world issues such as hunger and destruction. The blood splatter looks organic according to it's movement and looks like a tree. The second image feels disturbing with the shadow behind it feels exposed, as if we want to turn away but at the same time an issue that can't be ignored. In the third image the woman appears insane and caged because of this, I felt this particular image is relevant because of the dark space and the intense glaring at something or someone that a viewer can't see.

"Idols and Sacrifices mark the end of a long cycle of abstraction, idealisation, that had led from the first pleasant times on the beach to the gold haze of the Chambers. The end also of an innocence, a magic confidence in the power of the image, in that “leibnitzian” idea that every image contains all others, contains the world." (Faucon, 2009 - 2010)
This is a quote from the Idols and Sacrifices gallery and it sums up the powerful messages in the compositions of the scene, they draw the viewer to speculate what is going on in the image.  

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