Monday, 27 December 2010

@Phil - essay

Phil, I have read your comment and I agree so I wondered maybe concertrating on one monster and one creater so that I still address both themes but analyse one example in much more detail

so what I mean is maybe start looking into the vampire and look at how they deceive and make people believe they are human along with the myth background

This will then lead on to a creator possibly Dr Frankenstein as is most well known  and as i said in the template - the idea of gender swapping, I could possibly bring in the comparrison of the fly because of the scientist transforming into the actual monster

I just feel it would be to analyse one idea from each theme to show that line of the monster trying to become human and the human becoming the monster

I have another tutorial with Tracey when we return in 2 weeks so I hope to at least finish a draft version of the essay so i can go back and improve it

Is this idea ok or should I restrict the topic even further?

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  1. Okay - put a structure together similar to the one posted previously so I can see your thru-line - and we'll discuss it further no doubt!