Thursday, 20 January 2011

Digital Set Pipeline Pre viz - UV maps

This is the previz thumbnail I developed into the final scene, I have made changes into the design and perspective for improvements and correct perspective.

These are different shots of the wire frames and as advised I have selected the 'wireframe on shaded' option to gain a clearer understanding of how the scene was constructed. I have taken a screenshot of the entire screen and focused shots of  more comlicated geometrey.

These are shots of the untextured model, looking at the perspective of the outside and within. I made the objects in a seperate document and brought them in later so that I could instantly place them around the scene.

Floor and Ceiling UV map

Door Uv map

Light Uv map

Bottom skirting board Uv map

Wall Uv map

Wheel Chair Cushion Uv map

Wheel chair metal Uv map

Wheel chair wheels Uv map

Window Uv map
These are all the Uv maps for the build up to my scene, I resized and moved their positions around to fit the allocated space. These maps will then be used for texturing in photoshop as a guide.

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