Thursday, 14 July 2011

Developed Mind map for Summer Project

I concerntrated on the two ideas that I felt could work with the chosen soundtrack and branched off different scenerios to help me consider a strong starting point to begin working with.

Circus Idea

- Bunch of animals performing
- Bunch of performers trying to out perform each other
- Acrobat that keeps falling and other tricks that are destined to fail
- Interpretated as a real life scenerio then see in the end a child play acting with dolls, toys, etc so we realise it's a child's imagination (Look at opening of Toy Story 3 as example)

Chef Idea

- Apprentice/ novice chef keen to try out but mistakes occur
- Could be a proud character gone wrong eg slicing food to music and then trips over something (element of comedy)
- Chef chasing an irratating animal (look at Little Mermaid, the chef chasing Sebastian) as example
- Tempo of music could interpretate as a maniac rush to meet a deadline
- Could embrace the 50's - 60's diner theme because of Jazz instruments in soundtrack#

Combination of the two ideas

Could incoporate the chef with inspired circus performances eg The chef could cause the plates to fall and finds something to keep them balanced and spining on a pole object to appear as plate spinning or the chef catches a series of objects and juggles them.

I think the chef/ diner theme feels like the best scenerio to make a series of comedic sequences happen and might consider the combination idea and the introducton of the annoying animal character if I find the right way to include them.

I will begin researching and try to discover the time period for the set scenerio and the kind of world that the chef would fit in, also at existing examples to look at how I could make my ideas come together.

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