Friday, 29 July 2011

Inspiration for style 4 Sacred 2 Fallen Angel

These are concepts from Sacred 2 which I have recently been playing and felt it would be good to check out the art work and style of the range of strange creatures and environments. I really like the fully coloured versions that have a comic or graphic novel feel of illustration on just a simple plain background containing a few colours. The drawing style consists of more detailed lines and not too much shading so you can really appreciate the style of architecture and real sense of what a creature will look like in the game. The bottom image is an interesting composition of a 3D looking concept in the full coloured comic/ cartoon style along with simple 2D pencil drawings to gain a closer view of the details of the concept to get a sense of period design and style. I quite like this technique because it makes the space more understandable and an effective way at looking at structure, I may experiment with this in some of my early stage concept work.

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