Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Summer Project : 1 becomes 2

I have managed to give the soundtrack inspiration task some thought and tried to mind map some ideas to get the project rolling to try and push on from a starting point.

The soundtrack: Soundscape 28

I came up with:

Genre possiblities:

Chase scene
Race scene
silent movie
early black and white cartoon influence
inanimate objects
deadline - character is against the clock or themselves
dynamic abstract shapes
obstacles blocking character to achieve goal/mission

Environment possiblities

Diner/ club 50's - 60's theme

Character Possiblities

Crazy Chef
animals - real or toy
inanimate tools, instruments, etc
clusmy character
irratating insect or rodent
Inspiration from Pacman -  block characters chasing each other
vehicles e.g bikes, cars, trains or boats

I feel that the circus or the maniac comedy chef idea are the strongest because they feel rightly placed within the music. I intend to work off some more ideas around these two to work out scenerios and how it would match the tempo of the music to find which of these starting points could progress further.

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  1. Hey Adam - do you want me to send your soundscape to you via email? Let me know.