Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Further Thoughts on project 2 - Inspiration from Sculpture

I found a range of sculptures yesterday that are made from man-made materials such car parts, tyres, etc as well as some obvious examples such as sand and wood carvings.


I wondered about maybe using an animated world, characters and story that revolved around the  'crafted' feel of this artwork. I especially feel the sand sculpture route might be an alternative route to adapt the 'jabberwocky' taking it out of it's forest habitat to retell the poem in another natural landscape with new rules.


This is what the search for sculptures eventually led onto and felt there was a lot of design possibilities already.

I could:

1. Use one man-made example to stylise animation of Jabberwocky

2. create animation or game based on nature turning into these forms as result of years of polluting world so nature has adapted to this

3. A futuristic world with these sort of beings created with these materials

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