Friday, 10 February 2012

Developing Thoughts 3 - Artwork

Jackson Pollock

When Alan discussed of paintings that could be inspirational I thought of Jackson Pollock because of the strange and twisted forms that appear when he drips the paint. There are a lot of spiky and usual colours to create a range of emotions

Mark Rothko

I also thought of Mark Rothko, especially these two examples that use very strong emotional colours to express horror and fear, The black shapes in particular remind me of shadowy forms leering through the painting.


  •  These examples could inspire a strange twisted world or character
  • The Rothko examples could be transcribed as a shadowy form, something that hides and waits
  • The Pollock examples make me think of a creature that moves very fast

  • Something bird-like or can ran fast

  • Maybe an environment that is dying away for some reason

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