Friday, 10 February 2012

Developing Thoughts 4 - Jack Frost


Jack Frost, in English folklore, is a winter sprite or fairy, a personification of the natural phenomenon that whimsically decorates the outdoors and creates fantastic foliage-like crystal patterns on window panes. He is often depicted with a paintbrush, merrily (and sometimes gleefully) creating his inspired artworks while both humanity and nature shiver.

Jack Frost may be considered a variant of Father Winter, or Old Man Winter. The latter in turn may be derived from the Russian Father Frost, a character of fairy tales and folklore


  • This is an idea I got after speaking to my family about the problems I was having for trying to get an idea and they suggested:

  • Natural so can be inspired by nature in design rule to get structure, pattern, colour

  • Maybe a younger version of Frost belonging to a clan seen as a good creature
  • maybe Frost is the hero that has to battle other weather tribes of Fog, Thunder, etc
  • A younger version  could have cute/ refined style that Alan mentioned

  • Maybe a villain portraying a boss character

  • Maybe Frost could actually be taking the heat away for himself as he can only feel cold and that is what freezes things  


  1. Adam - This is a much better start. Bank this type on idea and find a few more to give you options.