Sunday, 12 February 2012

Developing Thoughts 6 - Black Knight Legend

Following thorough more discussions with my family for ideas, they mentioned the legend of the black knight and research shows their are multiple versions including the knight that blocked Arthur's path and had a great duel

but I have chosen this extract because this sounded interesting


The black knights believed that the baby was the legend of the real black knight.

Long ago in the medieval times, there was a baby that was left in the dark wildness were evil creatures stay, but the black knight fortress warrior saved it and carried it into the fortress. the black knights believed that the baby was the legend of the real black knight.

The baby grew up to be a young page, he was trained to never fear never retreat they trained him to use melee and arching, and he won lots of tournaments as he grew older, after he accomplished his training he was given the only thing nobody else had the ” black knight holy necklace” which given him the power to blow fire from this breath, never miss a target, speak animal languages and he was he was trained really hard so he was half skilled now he has the necklace he was mastery of melee arching and now has magic to weaken strength, defence and attack , he could teleport to places, never ran out of energy so he could run and not stop with out a drink.

He was now ready to have his armour it was given to him as high skilled, he was now the legend of the black knight. one day he was sent on a quest to slayer the dragon that scared the villagers away and destroy castles and eat people, so he was give the dragon slayer scroll that tolled him what to do, first he had to get hes dragon proof shield and then he bought his own ship and and then when to get the most finest sailor in the land, he packed his things and sailed to the black island the had dangerous creatures, but they were not to scary for him he killed the and made his way to the dragon. As he got to the top there was a ladder that when under the ground, he climbed down there and he saw many brave warrior dead lots of burnt bones and armour, he saw the dragon in its cave so he pulled his silver blade out and with his dragon proof shield he when in there and saw the dragon was dieing already so put his sword and shield back and then. later when it died he had look around in the cave and then he saw a dragon egg, so he took it and taken good care of it, as it turned to a baby dragon it was learning to fly, it flow away and the black knight searched for his dragon, later it flow back to him and he said “wow my dragons has got bigger” and it was time to learn.

  • The Knight's design could be based on medieval references
  • Could be made more fantasy - like to incorporate power of the black armour

  •  He could be a fraud and said to have done these things but has an assistant who has actually helped him all this time and the game could be centred round him like  'an untold story'

  • A villain boss

  • The Knight himself could be a secret that a group of travellers are trying to find to gain his armour

  • The Knight could take someone hostage  

  • Game could be based on Chess, e.g. The Black Knight's mission is to capture the King of the White Kingdoms

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