Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Game Character Pipeline - Jack Frost

Pipe Line for Creating Characters for a Game
 (Not Sure at this point - May be too much)
Still Working on  
Not Started Yet

1)      Preproduction

   Project  Start: Analyse Jack Frost

Style research - Find Visual examples of style and refinement 

Visual Research - Real world influences that fit world of Frost as a natural character  

Art Direction - Sketches, colour palettes, thumbnails, intial concepts, shapes

(Rough Environment sketches to tell more about character's personality - As learnt in Character Design Project

Concept  Art - refining ideas, getting closer to final

Finalised Paintings - Refined Concept art

Pre Viz - basic first models, practise rigs and animating to work out how they would move

2)  Production

Modelling of characters - refining from Previz

Final Models - The Finished Models after mistakes/ trail errors etc

Normal Maps and Texture - Layout and texture models

Turnabout Renders of each character

Walk Cycles
(A bit of animation (Maybe Frost freezing something, etc)

Renders - Beauty, Ambient Occlusion, Z - Depth (Glow and FX if required)

3) Post Production

Copositing Combine Render Passes into final Stills

Export Walk Cycles

Marketing -

Making Of

Technical Paper

Demo Reel Shot - Still of best character or walk cycle

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