Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Tutorial with Alan 3

I decided to discuss ideas with Alan earlier and now feel a lot more positive interms of direction and where I would like to go with this project

We decided that the Jack Frost idea was best suited for me now because there is a lot I can grab onto, the fact it is natural (of the forest) and depicting in many different ways means there are a lot of starting points.

General Notes

  • Look at Arthur Rackman and Brian Froud as a starting point for style they use and think of ways to use and refine this
  • Folklore - of a certain age or could be contemporary
  • more simplistic
  • Mischiveous character - think of child - like as one route
  • classic depictions of Frost - folk art to Rupert the Bear's depiction
  • Go to a woods/ forest and start taking photos to take into photoshop and balck out interesting shapes I could use to form silhouttes
  • Could also try paints and inks for this

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