Tuesday, 1 May 2012

@ Alan - Further Refinements

@Alan I have taken on board what you suggested and created through three developed ideas from the strongest themes we discussed, can you let me know what you think and if I have an idea I can move forward with.

Further Development for Sting


  1. Hi Adam

    I think all share the same problem - Too complex. Move away from a 'Story' structure and towards a simpler 'Happening'.

    So for example in Paradox + Timeline


    Setting: White world

    Scene 1 - Caveman version of the logo alone on the left side of the scene.
    Scene 2 - Current version of the logo arrives with a flash on the right side of the scene. It looks confused.
    Scene 3 - A victorian version of the logo appears in the background.
    Scene 4 - A renaissance (Da Vinci) version appears followed by a futurisc version followed by many more around the screen.
    Scene 5: A large and final logo arrive in the middle.

    1. I appreciate the feeback and thanks for having a look at the new ideas and I realise what you are saying

      I have done the four key frame story board you mentioned on the two stronger ideas : The Paradox and Holiday as I really liked these ideas and wondered if there was a way to shorten them down and keep these - Anyway they will give you a better insight of what I am trying to go for and maybe there will be a way to adapt one of the ideas (MAYBE)