Wednesday, 2 May 2012

@Alan - Refined Ideas for Sting 2

@ Alan - I have reworked into my ideas and tried to strip the narrative feel away, I liked the idea you suggested for the paradox theme so made small tweaks and reshaped that and the holiday idea now is like a disaster holiday where the family turn up somewhere they didn't expect. I have divided up the scenes also to show how quick and snappy they both could be. Please have a look over these ideas and leave a comment to let me know if either of these suggestions are working or not.

Refined Ideas 2


  1. 1) I suggest more economy in your shots. Keep the camera still and no fades (of camera). Remember its only 10 seconds. Just have it happen.

    2) Prehistoric characters don't have the means to travel in time. My suggestions were based around periods in which technology advanced - renaissance, victorian, modern (current), and futuristic. The prehistoric therefore becomes the setting.

    1. Right yes this makes sense Thanks Alan :)