Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Four Key Frame Trails 1

I decided to quickly produce key frame storyboards of the Paradox and Holiday Ideas as I still really like these ideas but Alan is right about them being too focused on story so I will rework into these two and tweak the ideas further to create two more refined ideas.

Paradox Idea 

Frame 1 = Logo in present day (White World) and heading into phone box time machine
Frame 2 = Time machine travelling back through vortex
Frame 3 = Time machine arriving in past and SyFy meeting SciFi, SciFi then fades away
Frame 4 = SyFy logo travels back to present and looks at nearby billboard and begins to fade away, camera zooms into billboard to show that the SciFi has replaced the SyFy logo now that the current version never existed

Holiday Idea

Frame 1 = Father and Son Logo walk through present world and father logo gets inside time machine
Frame 2 = Time machine fades slowly away to nothing and child waits patiently
Frame 3 = Child searches for father as time has passed longer for him, the time machine arrives behind him
Frame 4 = father bursts out of time machine and gives the child trinkets from his travels

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