Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Playblast of early animation

I know I wasn't neccessarily meant to worry about the animation this time, I wanted to try something so have animated the fire and first arrival, I tried to create the impression of the logo building up with turning bits off and on and it is very quick as there has to be enough time for the rest to appear but I would play around with timing more and finish this if I had more time but for now it is a start.


  1. Adam -

    The Star Trek inspired logo should not come crashing it at the end. It should materialise!

  2. Yes I agree, but I stuck to the story board for the previz and I wasn't sure if I wanted a dramatic ending but I quite easily discard this in the animation, it was an option but it doesn't have to feature in the final sting (if that makes sense), I will make this clear in the crit tomorrow