Thursday, 15 November 2012

Kojo head Movement test

Another basic test to start looking at the relationship of head and the feather, over the weeks I want to try another head movements e.g emotions when I have a expression sheet, etc


  1. Hey mate nice start - I just wanted to ask could you do some test where the whole body is moving because this is a character for kids right? so this character must be energetic, but yours is too static - so there is no point in just moving the head if the whole body must move.
    An in terms of just animation anyway, if the head moves, then the rest of the body will naturally move as the muscles and spines are helping that neck move. If you haven't already then look at things like Dora the Explorer or Sesame street for inspiration - also look at people that move dramatically like Louie Spence (sorry I have made you look him!)

    1. Agreed Chris eventually I will combine the tests for full body movement but just trying to build the basics in first but yes that is another aim I will look at thanks :)