Thursday, 20 January 2011

Digital Set Pipeline Texture maps - Textured scene

Texture map - bottom skirting board colour

Texture map - bottom skirting board bump
Texture map - bottom skirting board spec

Texture map - ceiling and floor colour

Texture map - ceiling and floor bump

 Texture map - ceiling and floor spec

Texture map - door colour

Texture map - door bump

Texture map - door spec

 Texture map - walls colour

Texture map - walls bump


Texture map - walls spec

Texture map - wheel chair cushion colour

Texture map - wheelchair cushion bump

Texture map - wheel chair cushion spec

Texture map - window frame colour


Texture map - window frame bump

Texture map - window frame spec

These are all the texture maps for various objects in the scene I decided to be seletive with the maps because I didn't want the scene to be over filled with texture. I produced bump and spec maps to make the selected textures more realsitic than just a flat image.

These are shots of the textured model, I had to edit the bump values down to lower the level of texture. I had a few problems adding the textures because the file was not recognised but I resolved this by recreating the maps. 

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