Thursday, 20 January 2011

Matte painting

Final matte painting - darker

This is the final matte painting that I will use for the final scene it depicts a door leading into a cell but the entrance is block with a broken wheel chair. I had to darken the painting so that it represents what we can make out in the darkness. Below I have included all development and preparatory steps taken to reach this stage.

Began blocking out painting

Experimenting with a narrow distance perspective

Experimenting with a closer perspective adding the broken wheel chair and open door

adding skirting boards and door frames

starting to increase shadow
More shadow and texture for the door

Experimenting - pushing the close view back and strenching out walls, floor and ceiling
Adding shadow to match the back image
Adding shadow and green highlight

Bringing back image foward again
Lightened image and deleted green highlights so can be lit with scene in Maya

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